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Access Copyright: What does it mean for Western? A Librarian’s Guide

July 26, 2012

Access Copyright: What does it mean for Western? A Librarian’s Guide

Thursday, July 26th, 12-1pm, North Campus Building 295:

Western was one of the first universities to sign an Access Copyright Agreement. Alan Kilpatrick, an MLIS Candidate, will present the details of this agreement and discuss how it affects libraries and librarians at Western. This is a great opportunity for students interested in academic librarianship and practising academic librarians to discuss the implications of this agreement.

Please find the powerpoint slides and accompanying handouts below.  Please feel free to download a copy of the presentation for your own use or to distribute it among your colleagues:

Access Copyright What Does it Mean-Kilpatrick
Handout – Copyright Guidelines-Kilpatrick
Handout – Copyright Resources – Kilpatrick

One Comment
  1. I just wanted to go on the official record to say that it was a very instructive talk Alan! Concise, to the point and especially clear! Definitely a must-read for Canadian librarians or librarians in training who want to brush up on the issue of Copyright in education libraries and in my opinion public libraries as well.

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