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Copyright Resources and Blogs

September 23, 2012

Do you need to make sense of the dramatic changes that have taken place in the world of Canadian copyright?  Check out this handy list of resources, links, and blogs I developed!  Download a copy my copyright resources list here!

Copyright Resources

•Access Copyright. (2012, January). UWO Access Copyright Licensing Agreement. Retrieved from

•Canadian Association of University Teachers. (2012, February). BACKGROUNDER: UWO and U of T Agreements with Access Copyright. Retrieved from

•Canadian Association of University Teachers. (2011, April). CAUT Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Material. Retrieved from

•Canadian Association of University Teachers. (2008, December). CAUT Intellectual Property Advisory: Fair Dealing. Retrieved from

•Geist, M. (Ed.). (2010). From “Radical Extremism” to “Balanced Copyright”: Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda. Toronto: Irwin Law.

•Murray, L.J. & Trosow, S.E. (2007). Canadian Copyright: A Citizen’s Guide. Toronto: Between the Lines.

•Parliament of Canada. (2012, June). Bill C-11: An Act to Amend the Copyright Act. Retrieved from

•Queen’s University Library. (2008). Fair Dealing Evaluator. Retrieved from

Copyright Blogs

•Geist, M. (2012). Michael Geist – Blog. Retrieved from

•Katz, A. (2012). Copyright: Ariel Katz. Retrieved from

•Knopf, H. (2012). Excess Copyright. Retrieved from

•Trosow, S. (2012). Sam Trosow. Retrieved from

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