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Copyright and Canadian Academic Libraries – Poster Video Summary

March 3, 2013

I was asked to create a short video summary of the poster that Marni and I recently presented at the 2013 OLA Super Conference in Toronto, “Copyright and Canadian Academic Libraries.” The video was created for inclusion in the super conference virtual conference poster session offerings. While Marni physically presented the poster in person at the conference, I presented virtually through Skype from India. I am currently on a library internship with the Hippocampus Reading Foundation in Bangalore, India.

Copyright and Canadian Academic Libraries

“A current review of the state of copyright in Canadian Academic Libraries will be presented. In recent years, copyright has become a major issue for universities and colleges in Canada. Many institutions have had to confront copyright issues and make serious decisions about the future of copyright in their libraries. Successful information literacy and instruction is dependent on librarians’ ability to access and share information. Alternatives to licensing and publishing will also be discussed in relation to copyright. This poster will review and present copyright issues from 2010 to present.”

Alan Kilpatrick
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