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Legal Line – Information Gives People Power

April 15, 2015

By Alan Kilpatrick

Are you familiar with Legal Line?  Legal Line is a free website that provides plain language legal information to the Canadian public.  Antree Demakos and Ian Levine founded the website in 1993 when they realized that Canadians had few places to obtain accurate legal information. Legal Line was designed to fill this “aching public need…”   You can access it online at


Legal Line describes its mission on its website,

Legal Line exists solely to help people make informed decisions. By knowing the law, you have the tools to help you work-through life’s real issues. Canadian lawyers and judges agree with us. With their help, and the support of 6,300 government and professional offices, our Website and 24-hour Telephone Information Line give you the legal answers you need.

Impressively, the website’s content is available in 65 different languages.  The website is maintained by over 450 lawyers and judges, governed by a board of legal professionals, and supported by a variety of government organizations.

The most impressive feature of the website is the Legal Answers resource.  Legal Answers is a searchable online encyclopedia that provides summaries of key areas of Canadian law. Topics covered range from adoption to cyberbullying to wrongful dismissal.  Each legal topic is well written and easy to understand.  A keyword search box and a browseable menu make this content highly accessible.


Legal Line is careful to make the distinction between legal information and legal advice.  The website only provides information about law – none of the information on the website constitutes legal advice.


By striving to educate and empower everyday Canadians about the law, Legal Line is promoting better access to justice.

(Reposted from Legal Sourcery)

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