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Courthouse Libraries BC Receives Innovation Award

October 15, 2015

By Alan Kilpatrick

clicklawAudrey Jun, the Clicklaw Program Coordinator at Courthouse Libraries BC (CLBC), recently received the McMillan Award for Innovation in Court Technology for Clicklaw.  Clicklaw is an outstanding resource, managed by CLBC, that provides reliable and free legal information to members of the public and self-represented litigants in BC.  Clicklaw endeavors to help the public understand their rights and solve their legal problems.  Legal Sourcery would like to congratulate Ms. Jun on receiving this prestigious award.

This is another exciting example of how law libraries can step up and improve access to justice for self-represented litigants.  Law libraries are uniquely positioned to think outside of the box and identify real solutions to systematic barriers in the Canadian legal system.  For example, the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library now offers free monthly family law information sessions in partnership with the Saskatchewan Family Law Information Centre.

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