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Canadian Association of Law Libraries Conference 2016

June 1, 2016

By Alan Kilpatrick

image3The 2016 Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) Conference took place in Vancouver from May 15 to May 18.  This year’s theme was Competence, Challenges, and Connections.  The conference is an outstanding opportunity for law librarians and legal information professionals to improve professional and specialized skills, network with colleagues and vendors, identify emerging legal information trends, and evaluate new legal resources.

I presented a lightning talk on coordinating social media for CALL.  A lightning talk is a short presentation lasting no more than seven minutes.  Here is the session description for the talk I presented:

Coordinating CALL’s Social Media Channels

CALL is a lively hub of information for law librarians. How can you keep track of the multitude of events, webinars, scholarships, and networking opportunities taking place through CALL? If you’re a member of a committee, how do you effectively communicate and build relationships with members of this nationwide association? If you find yourself asking these questions, look no further than CALL’s social media channels.

I was appointed as CALL’s Social Media Coordinator (SMC) in 2015 to coordinate the association’s social media more systematically. On these channels, you will discover daily posts with information relevant to law librarians, CALL members, and non-members in related fields. Following CALL on social media makes it easier to keep track of the variety of professional opportunities available through the association.

During this talk, you will find out about CALL’s new SMC position, and some of the practical lessons I have learned since taking on this new position.

You can find the full text of the lightning talk and the accompanying PowerPoint presentation online here.

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