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Legal Researchers Take Note: Canadiana Online is Now Free to Access!

November 15, 2019

By Alan Kilpatrick

Earlier this year, Canadiana Online’s unparalleled online collection of historical materials became free to access. The collection, available at no charge at, contains more than 60 million digitized pages of books, periodicals, and government publications from early Canadian history.

Why should lawyers and legal researchers take note of this thrilling development? Canadiana Online features an outstanding collection of historical statutes, bills, legal journals, and law reports. Some examples include:

• Bills
• Court Rules
• Criminal Law Texts
• Law Reports
• Lawyer Directories
• Sessional Papers

Notably, we located a digitized copy of the Catalogue of the Law Society Libraries of Saskatchewan from 1912 through Canadiana Online.

Legal researchers should take advantage of the wealth of legal resources available freely online here.  Canadian Online offers a simple search interface with search tips. Search results can be narrowed by multiple search filters and subject headings.

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