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What’s a Bit of Space?

January 17, 2020

By Alan Kilpatrick

You may have heard that the Law Society’s library space on the second floor of the Regina Queen’s Bench Court House was being reduced to allow for increased space for the Saskatchewan Courts. We are pleased to report that construction concluded earlier this month and that our newly renovated and condensed library is open for business!

Our print and online legal resource collection, library staff, and information services represent the best legal resource and law library service in the country. Members can be assured that they receive an outstanding return on investment for their annual membership fees. Our judicious curation of print and online resources will ensure that all members will be able to access the resources and services they need, regardless of practice location, on demand.

In our updated space, still located on the Court House’s second floor, you will find two top-notch legal information specialists, Alan Kilpatrick and Sara Stanley, ready and keen to support your information needs and provide expert services and assistance. Feel free to take advantage of our comfortable workspace with wi-fi, a photocopier, scanner, printer, and phone. Our reduced collection of print resources features a comprehensive selection of current legal texts covering every area of Canadian law. Those searching for older resources will find them in our newly created historical collection in the Court House basement. Our space remains accessible to members 24/7. Members can visit the Sheriff’s Office on the main floor of the Court House to obtain their Court House and Library key.

We welcomed this opportunity to reinvigorate our space, modernize our collection, and work more closely with the Saskatchewan Courts to create a Court House that better meets the needs of the Saskatchewan public. We took advantage of the downsizing to recycle a substantial collection of old print law reporters (more than ten thousand pounds’ worth) no longer relevant to our practicing members after a thorough review of case reporters held by law libraries across the province. Fortunately, two smaller public libraries in rural Saskatchewan were able to make use of some of our excess book shelving.

We have expressed our intent on this blog over the past five years to radically reimagine and transform the law library for the current online era. We meant it. The law library is no longer a place. It’s a service and a resource that is everywhere you need it to be.

Welcome to the law library of the future.

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