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New Video Series: Remote Legal Resources

May 16, 2020

By Alan Kilpatrick

Today, we’re launching a new video series, Remote Resources for Law Society Members, to highlight the key legal resources Saskatchewan members can access remotely, right on their computer’s desktop, simply by logging into the Members’ Resource Section! Produced by Alan Kilpatrick and written by Ken Fox, this five-video series is freely available on Vimeo. New videos will be developed frequently. Please contact us if you have suggestions for future videos.

Watch the series introduction here (1:43):

While our physical library locations might be closed and many of you are dealing with the challenges of working and practicing law remotely, rest assured you have access to one of the best online legal resource collections in Canada. Watching the series will ensure you get the most out of our online resources.

My Twitter feed, like yours, has been dominated by frequents calls to use this pandemic an opportunity to innovate within the legal and judicial system. Look to your legal librarians and information professionals as your innovation partners: innovation is our bread and butter. Technology has fundamentally changed how legal information is created, aggregated, sold, and used. Over the past three decades, your Library professionals have adeptly navigated the waves of this change and aggressively negotiated with information vendors to pioneer the development of one of Canada’s leading remotely accessible online collections.

Watch the rest of our series here:

Remote Resources for Law Society Members Series

  1. Remote Resources: Series Introduction (1:43) – In this video series, we’ll highlight some of the key resources that you can access remotely by logging into the Member Resource Section.
  2. Need an Online Text? Try the CED! (7:18) – If you are a Saskatchewan lawyer, you have online access the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (CED) through the Member Resource Section.
  3. Irwin Law: Essentials of Canadian Law – Online! (5:36) – Irwin texts have the distinct advantage, more relevant now than ever, that they are all available to Saskatchewan lawyers online.
  4. Finding Irwin Law Books on Des Libris (6:46) – In this video, we will give you a few tips on finding Irwin Law eBooks using the Des Libris platform.
  5. O’Brien’s Internet: Online Encyclopedia of Forms (7:01) – If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a law librarian, it’s that every lawyer loves O’Brien’s Encyclopedia of Forms.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at for legal information assistance. As legal information navigators, we can quickly and efficiently locate whatever you are looking for. If it takes longer than five minutes to find, contact us!

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