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Your Saskatchewan Legal Databases, Relaunched

January 5, 2021

By Alan Kilpatrick

The Law Society’s searchable legal databases (Bills, Cases, Conduct Review, Ethics Ruling, and Sentencing Digests) were officially relaunched on a modern, mobile-friendly, and cloud-based database platform on Friday, November 20th, concluding a year-long Legal Resources project.

Forty More Years of Innovation

For the past forty years, Saskatchewan legal practitioners, the judiciary, and members of the public have relied on the free, timely, and reliable access to legal information provided by our innovative tools and databases.  Migrating our valuable and unique data to this modernized database platform will ensure that all Saskatchewanians can continue to enjoy access to the Saskatchewan legal information they need for decades to come.

The relaunch is a demonstrable indicator of our commitment to legal information access for all Saskatchewanians.  It represents our ongoing investment in our membership, Saskatchewan’s justice system, and legal information access for all in this province.  CanLII, Canada’s open-access national law database, took note of the relaunch on Twitter:

Earlier this week, we presented (Re)Launching Your Saskatchewan Legal Databases (CPD 287), a free webinar eligible for one CPD hour.  Were you one of the almost 150 members who attended the webinar, described by one attendee as, “…one of the best CPDs ever”?

Fortunately, you can still watch and register for your free CPD!

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn the insider tips and tricks you’ll need to get the most out of our databases!

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